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.:Role Play Rules:.


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An action is defined as something that can happen in a moment of time. In a battle situation you may not have more than 2 significant actions in one post. A significant action is something like drawing a weapon or aiming it. Movement is also classified as a significant action, since you can't walk all over the place when in a fight either, without something happening, so plan your battle posts carefully. If you try and do too much, your actions will be deemed unrealistic and your chances of killing someone will be reduced.

This basically means you are not invincible. Everyone has the right to try and avoid death after they have been fired at, but you better have a very good explanation for why you're not dead!

If you can't do it in real life, you can't do it on Junkies!

IF you are shot at, you have the chance to respond. This means you have the chance to avoid death, with a good post. (See God Modding for what NOT to do!). What happens if I wasn't online when I got shot? When you get online you still have the chance to avoid death even though the battle has probably moved on by now! With a retro post you can turn the time back to the moment you are attacked (Just for your one post).

2 Places at once: You can not be at 2 gang events at once. You must leave one topic to enter another. If you post in a 2nd place before you leave the first, the posts made in the 2nd topic will be deleted. If you leave an event, with the line "Continued at ..." You have officially left the event and can't post there again until you have traveled to and from your destination.

The order of battle is unimportant as long as a gang doesn't put more than two sets actions on any one opposition, without allowing their gang to react directly to those actions. Once you have attacked a member you must allow them to respond before you continue the attack on them. EXCEPTION if the member doesn't know you are there, for example if you are using a sniper rifle.

If you and your gang attack a member or members, in a covert, or undercover operation your gang is permitted to make a maximum of 5 posts in a row, no more than 2 posts per member. After these initial 5 posts gangs may not make more than one unanswered post against any one member.


Simon and Jimmy versus Money (JOH hotel)

Initial Attack:
Simon: pulls out gun and aims @ Money (Legal)
Jimmy pulls out gun and aims @Money (Legal)
Simon shoots @ Money (Legal)
Jimmy aims at Amanda and shoots (Legal)
Simon aims at and Shoots Lloyd (Illegal move)

Resulting battle:
Lloyd pulls out gun and aims @ Simon (Legal)
Gangster 101 pulls out gun and aims at Jimmy (Legal (Gangster is indeed making it two Trinity actions in a row BUT the two actions are against separate members))
Simon dives behind table and aims at Lloyd (Illegal 2 actions against same member in a row).

If a gang mod is not online at the time of the battle:

1) PM one or both of the gang mods (currently Franswurst and Si) alerting them to the thread.
2) Keep going! Do not try and mod the battles yourselves. Just keep going. When a gang mod gets online they will go through the battle and will make the calls on who is dead and who isn't. If a member is killed, but then later kills another member, his attack will not count.
3) Keep OOC to an absolute minimum. If things really are getting confusing, post in the OOC topic.
4) Do not change the landscape of the GTA environments. If the location you are battling in is a playable environment in a GTA game DO NOT change the area with your RP's. Check the location on the game before RPing if possible.
5) Be as detailed as possible. The more Vague your RP the more likely the mods will judge you as a dead man.
6) If your killed in battle you CANNOT re-enter that battle no matter how long it takes to finish. In fact you can only post in the hospital (and jail) topics once the battle is officially over and GTA Swat (or the mods) have announced that your bodies have been recovered.
7) Similar to #5, make sure that your RP post is as clear as possible. This means that your actions, location, and behavior must be absolute clear for the Gang Mods and other members to understand or else your post may be deemed invalid, or in the worst case scenario a position reset will have to be done.

All gangs are permitted one low profile GTA property to have as their starting HQ. After this gangs may buy properties via auction or from other gangs.

All gangs MUST include a detailed description of their property in the first post of the thread. Anything not covered by this description can be exploited by enemies in a battle. All GTA properties, descriptions must stay true to their layout in the games. Layouts can include security measures but unless these include members of the forum, the security is rendered useless and attacking members may destroy them in anyway they feel fit.

If a property is successfully damaged during a battle the gang mods will decide how long the repair work will take. During this time the event will be locked. Gangs can pay a J$5000 repair cost or a J$10000 rebuilding cost to the attacking gang to unlock their property at anytime during the lock out period.

For a complete list of Owned Properties please go HERE.

A member may ONLY use weapons that he or she have in their inventory, unless they are clearly given the permission from another member to use the weapons that they themselves own.

No member may claim to be wearing bullet proof armor or other such protection.

The environments that battles take place in are fully interactive. This means that walls, tables, bars, tunnels, lifts, etc can be fully utilized as protection or weapons in a battle situation, as long as it is realistic.

A member may capture another Members Gang Items in RP. However, he may only capture them if this member is carrying/driving this Gang item in his current RP. Once the item has been captured this member may use that Gang item until one of two things happen:
1) The member the item was taken from pays a release fee of 25,000J$ to the member who took the Gang item.
2) The member has unlimited tries to recapture his stolen item.

Ties in with the Gun Fire Rate (located below). A pistol can not blow up a car, with only a few shots, so you'd have to make a lot of posts to blow up 1 car.

A powerful gun like the M4, or AK-47 however could easily blow up a car.


Rate of Fire:1 shot per action
Accuracy: Very High
Range: Short to Medium
Reload: 9mm/.45: After 16 shots Desert Eagle: After 6 shots
Hands Needed: 1 (2 adds accuracy)

Micro SMG/Tec9:

Rate of Fire: 8 shots per action
Accuracy: Medium – Decreases longer trigger is held
Range: Short to Medium
Reload: After 20 shots
Hands Needed: 1 (2 adds accuracy)


Rate of Fire: 1 (double barreled) shot per action
Accuracy: Decreases with range, but projectiles spread with range.
Range: Short to Medium
Reload: After every shot
Hands needed: 2

Small Machine Guns:

Rate of fire: 15 shots per action
Accuracy: Medium to high (loses accuracy the more shots fired)
Range: Medium
Reload: After 30 shots
Hands needed: 2


Rate of fire: 15 shots per action
Accuracy: High
Range: Medium to long
Reload: After 45 shots
Hands needed: 2


Rate of fire: 20 shots per action
Accuracy: High
Range: Long
Reload: After 50 shots
Hands needed: 2


Rate of fire: 1 shot per action
Accuracy: Very High (much less accurate if used on the move)
Range : Very Long
Reload: After Every shot
Hands needed: 2 plus a support for added accuracy

Grenades/Tear Gas:

Rate of fire: Pulling the pin counts as an action, throwing counts as an action, cooking counts as an action for every second held.
Accuracy: Higher the longer cooked
Range: Medium
Reload: After every throw
Hands needed: 1

If a Person is killed in RP he/she must go to the GTA City Hospital, and remain there for 5 days starting with the first post made in the GTA Hospital thread.

If a Person kills another Person in RP he/she must go to the GTA City Jail, and remain there for two days per person killed.

i.e. Killing 1 person = 2 Days in Jail
Killing 2 people = 4 days in Jail

Jail time starts with the first post made in the GTA Jail thread.

Credit goes to Si, Triton and Speedemon for the creation of the original Role Play Rules. Also Credit goes to Si and Franswurst for updating and re-writing the original RP rules. Finally a special thanks goes out to Spazzy and Titans for assisting with the brainstorming, and giving advice for the new Rules.'